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ABC of Russian Language & History


This is an online version of the Russian language course that was originally developed for the Russian degree route at Coventry University, U.K. The original version was entitled "ABC of Russian Language and History". The course was distinctive because it was based around the study and discussion of graded texts and dialogues on Russian history.

Marianna Chubarov (standing) with her students at Coventry University

The new Internet edition has been redesigned as a self-taught course but retains the original approach of "teaching language through history", as it were. It has a very similar structure to the way online colleges or courses are arranged. The learners are introduced to new words and grammar patterns by starting with very simple texts about the origins and evolution of the Russian state and society. As you progress through the course you build up your knowledge of the language and learn about the country and its people.

The learning materials are furnished with links to the relevant parts of ALLRUSSIAS.COM where you can find more information in English about the corresponding historical period or figure. In this sense the language course is closely integrated with the rest of the site, the main focus of which is Russian history. Once you've come to the end of the course you may wish to look at the site's Russian version that will provide you with a wealth of reading matter on Russian affairs.

The picture from the cover of the original version of the course booklet

The texts and dialogues have been graded on the basis of language difficulty: from short and simple to (gradually) longer and linguistically more challenging. They also follow the timeline (and, in this sense, tell a story) of Russia from its first state with the centre in Kiev, to Muscovite Russia, to Imperial Russia, to Soviet Russia and the USSR's demise.

The course may be used by complete beginners but is, perhaps, best suited to learners with some basic knowledge of Russian ("post-beginners").

If you would like to take full advantage of our free online Russian language course you should consider buying a set of 2 audio CDs that contain recordings, made by native Russian speakers, of the 16 texts and 16 dialogues from each unit of "The ABC of Russian Language & History".

This Internet edition is dedicated to the memory of Marianna Chubarov who collaborated in the production of the original "hard-copy" version and used it successfully for a number of years in teaching Russian degree students at Coventry University.




The online units have an integrated translation tool at the bottom of the  pages with texts and dialogues. It is handy if you want to translate a sentence from a text or dialogue without using a dictionary (don't paste big chunks of text though - the translation tool can "digest" only a phrase or sentence at a time). Practise by copying and pasting into the translation tool below the following Russian sentence and then clicking the button "To" to translate it into English:

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