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Tradition & Folklore


General Materials

Slavic and East European Folklore Association
Russian Folklore & Culture
A useful page maintained by Sang Hyun Kim.
Russian Folklore Expedition
RAS ethnography/anthropology
Site of the Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In Russia.
Pan-Slavic Traditions and Beliefs
Kovalevsky customs and laws
Lectures by Maksim Kovalevsky on Modern Customs and Ancient Laws in Russia
Russian Saints and Feasts
Calendar of People's Customs and Beliefs
Russian Folk Art Page
Russian Lubok

Slavic Paganism

Slavic Paganism & Witchcraft
Mythological Encyclopedia
In Russian.
Dazhdbog in Russian Mythology
Russian Paganism
Russian pagan gods
East Slavic paganism
Slavic pagan calendar
Moist Mother Earth
Wikipedia: Slavic Mythology
Encyclopedia Mythica: Domovoi

Fairy Tales, Byliny, etc.

Russian Fairy Tales
Collection of images from Russian fairy tales
Sacred Texts: Legends and Sagas: East European.
Russian Sunbirds: Stories. Includes: Snowmaiden, Father Frost, Princess Frog, The Golden Cockerel, The Golden Fish, The Scarlet Flower, Sleeping Beauty, Tsar Saltan, Alyonushka, Suzdal, Troika, The Fire Bird, Falconer, The Golden Hair Girl, Village of Kideksha, Kizhi Islands, Ilya Muromets, Town of Pljos, Town of Uglich, Sadko
Russian  Folk Tales and Folk Belief
Russia, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales
Baba Yaga
Old Russia
Russian Firebird Legend
Mythic Birds

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Russian Federation

The "Catching up" Cycles
"Non-organic" Reforms
Great Leap to Capitalism
Russia's Privatization
Deformed Capitalism
Coping with Transition
The Yeltsin Era
Yeltsin's Legacy
Putin's Plan
Russian Federalism
The Chechen Problem
"Deprivatizing" the State
First and Second Dumas
Third and Fourth Dumas
Civil Society
"Controlled" Democracy

Post-Soviet Geopolitics

Paradoxes of Russian Mentality
Economy under Putin
The Putinite Order
Putin's Choice
People Speak (Opinion Polls)
Tables and Statistics

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