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Scholarly Journals  


Acta Slavica Iaponica
Hokudai University publication in English and Russian
Canadian Slavonic Papers

The Dostoevsky Journal
Europe-Asia Studies
Details of this excellent journal with lists of contents.
Journal of Slavic Linguistics
Mir istorii
Mainly in Russian, some articles in English.

The Nabokovian
New Zealand Slavonic Journal
Pushkin Review
Russian Life
Magazine, books, calendars etc.

Russian Linguistics
The Russian Review
Slavic Review
Slavic and East European Journal
Tolstoy Studies Journal
Toronto Slavic Quarterly
Vestnik gumanitarnoj nauki
Published by the Russian State University for the Humanities (in Russian).
The International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL). In Russian.

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Russian Federation

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"Non-organic" Reforms
Great Leap to Capitalism
Russia's Privatization
Deformed Capitalism
Coping with Transition
The Yeltsin Era
Yeltsin's Legacy
Putin's Plan
Russian Federalism
The Chechen Problem
"Deprivatizing" the State
First and Second Dumas
Third and Fourth Dumas
Civil Society
"Controlled" Democracy

Post-Soviet Geopolitics

Paradoxes of Russian Mentality
Economy under Putin
The Putinite Order
Putin's Choice
People Speak (Opinion Polls)
Tables and Statistics

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